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Long Distance Moving
For Interstate moving, First Class Moving & Storage is committed to a straight-forward, no surprises move. We offer Binding (firm cost) Estimates and specialize in expedited delivery service where you choose your delivery date. No more 5-14 business day windows for arrival! No more driving your belongings hundreds of miles out of the way for someone else's delivery! Please contact one of our helpful moving coordinators for price information at (800) 704-0242.

Additional Services
There may be charges for additional services on your estimate, such as:

Packing: The cost for packing is based on carton cost and a labor charge. Click Here for Material and Packing Charges.
Long Carry: This is an added charge for carrying articles over long distances between your residence and our vehicles.
Stair Carry: An added charge for carrying articles up and down flights of stairs outside your home. First Class Moving &
Storage includes one flight free each at pickup and at delivery.
Shuttle Service: This charge is for use of smaller vehicles to provide services to residences that are not accessible by the
mover's larger, over-the-road truck. First Class Moving & Storage will send appropriate sized trucks (in the Chicagoland area)
and therefore, shuttle charges will not apply.

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