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Packing Tips
What Should You Pack Yourself?
Packing is one of the most overlooked aspects in moving. Your delicate items need to be well-packed and protected so that they are delivered in the same condition in which they were picked up. Below are some general packing guidelines.

Tips for Self Packing...

Do Not Over or Under-Pack Boxes: If you over-pack, the box may split and spill or expose items. Under-packing boxes
is also detrimental as it will often make boxes less sturdy and more easily dented or crushed. Either makes it difficult
for the movers to stack them in the truck.
Try to Use Newer, Sturdier Boxes: Boxes that have seen many moves may not keep your belongings as safe as a newer
box. Used grocery store boxes will work fine for sturdy items, but pack breakables in something more substantial.
Use Plenty of Packing Materials: Packing paper, peanuts & bubble wrap. It is very important to put a generous layer
of materials at the bottom of boxes containing fragile items.
Books, Records & CDs: Pack these items in smaller boxes. Records should be packed on end, side by side.
China: Wrap china and all fragile objects in paper individually. Large plates and heavy pieces should be placed on
edge on the bottom of the container. Cups and saucers should be placed towards the top of the box. Plates and
dishes should be placed in vertical positions with pads of paper in between.
Mirrors, Glass Table Tops & Large Pictures: For complete safety, these items may be crated for shipment. For local
moves, these items can be covered with bubble wrap or placed in picture/mirror cartons.
Clothing: Foldable clothing and linens can be packed in medium or large boxes. Ask your First Class moving
coordinator about special Wardrobe boxes for hanging clothes.
Personal Computers: When possible, we strongly recommend that you use the original carton and packing materials
from the computer manufacturer. If they are not available, use a box that is both strong enough and big enough
to hold the computer and pack it with unprinted paper or bubble wrap.
Valuables: Legal documents, jewelry, and currency should be moved by you personally. Keep these items in your
possession throughout the move.
Size & Weight: Try to put heavier items in smaller boxes and light bulky items in larger boxes.

First Class Packing Services...
If you are concerned with packing certain items yourself, or simply find the task overwhelming, First Class Moving & Storage provides professional crews who are experts in packing, wrapping, crating, and disassembly for any and all household goods. Please contact one of our qualified and helpful moving coordinators for any additional assistance or guidance you may require. They can also arrange a FREE delivery of any boxes or packing materials you may need.

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