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Moving With Children
While you may be the one in charge of doing the packing, forwarding your utilities, and planning all the details of your move, sometimes moving can be hardest on the younger members of the family. While some may embrace the changes, for some kids moving from their comfortable surroundings into the unknown can be incredibly stressful.

Moving with children of all ages presents unique challenges. For this reason, we have compiled some moving-related reading materials which may help ease the transition, open up discussion, and prepare the youngest movers for what lies in store. We strive to help provide the smoothest moving experience to family members of all ages. All image thumbnails are linked to Amazon.Com where you can see details and ordering information.

If you come across any additional quality helpful materials on your own, please take a moment to share these with us so we may guide our moving community to the best possible resources. Ask your moving coordinator about our free kids book!

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